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Magician Craig Petty Performing With My Chakra Coins

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Also featured in the August 2019 issue of M-U-M magazine for the Society of American Magicians

The perfect bright colored coin for your Spellbound Routines with lots of built in extras!

– Polished silver metal with bright enamel paint
– Contains a reeded/milled edge for better grip
– 1.5″ The Same Dimensions as a Silver Dollar
– Steel shimmed to stick to a magnet or magnetic holdout
– 3 of Diamonds and 1089 Reveal hidden inside
– A Unique Impossible Color Force and Color Change

See the color change in action here (prototype coin): 

Here is the campaign! Please help support! We are super close to the goal! 

Pay only $15 per coin for your early support of the project! Even cheaper if you buy a few!

Familiar with the “Hot Rod Force”? READ THIS! This unique method eliminates the biggest flaws In the classic Hot Rod. Unlike the classic Hot Rod method there are NO math tricks, NO spelling tricks. You will simply count from 1 to whatever the chosen number is and the coin changes to that chosen color. No really! Watch the video!

34 days to go before the Magic Color Changing Chakra Coin goes into production! 

Back the project now for the early bird prices as a thank you for your support and helping make this new concept a reality. 

Just a reminder of what this Chakra Coin does in case you have missed it!

It’s a normal collectable Chakra coin for the Laymen, but this coin has several secret built in functions for magicians! One of which has never been seen before. Hot Rod v2.0.

Features of these coins:

1) the perfect coin for coin magic! This alone makes them worth owning! 
– It’s is shimmed to stick to a magnet
– It has a reeded/milled edge for grip
– The same dimensions as a Morgan Silver Dollar
– Polished Silver Metal with Bright Enamel Paint

Here is a video of the previous coins all funded through Kickstarter through this same coin company. The quality is always amazing! But I need help to reach that minimum order requirement.

2) Each coin has hidden ‘reveals’ for magicians! A nice extra kicker that will not be seen until the time is right.
– A 1089 Force Reveal on the bottom
– A Hidden 3 of Diamonds In The Om Symbol

3) It Is A Magicians Hot Rod v2.0 Color Change!

Here is a mock up prototype of the coin in action to see what I mean!

Effect: Choose a number from 1-7. Count the selection to choose a random color. A wave of the hand and the coin changes to the selected color! Another wave and the coin changes back. This coin can be handed out for examination before and the effect! 

A One Of A Kind New Method: Hot Rod Force v2.0

What is Hot Rod Force v2.0? It is the classic “Hot Rod Force” with all the weaknesses removed! 

– NEVER spell the selected number to force color.
– Never use math to force a number!
– Built into a coin instead of a stick with rhinestones or other unusual and obvious magicians prop.

Hand them the coin for inspection, have them choose freely any number 1-7

You can count any number they choose from 1-7

1..2..3 or
1..2 or

Never the weak spelling like “T.W.O.” 

Then a wave of the hand and the coin changes to the color they selected. Wave again and hand it out for inspection. This is a huge improvement. 


I hope you like my idea for this project, it combines the classic hot rod effect and my favorite magic category. I spent a lot of time perfecting the new method and coming up with a design that camouflages its purpose! Please consider backing to help make this product a reality!

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