About Donald Edward White

Email: [email protected]

Born in San Diego, California
Currently resides in Ione, California

Member of:
Toastmasters International
International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM)
Society of American Magicians (SAM)
The Magic Garage.

Services: Currently available for IT consulting, coin magic lessons and performance.


Q. Why brAinphreAk?
A. Phreaking is a term used to describe “phone hackers”. In the 90’s I was interested in “phreaking” and wrote several tutorials for Blacklisted411 as well as 2600 magazine. At the time I always wore a baseball cap with the character “brain” from “pinky and the brain” embroidered on the front so I was commonly referred to as “brain” by my peers. Ultimately these two things came together online and I became “BRAINPHREAK” which has lived on in my art projects and many musical releases.

Q. Are you available for coin magic lessons?
A. I am currently working on a full course in coin magic that should be available in 2021/2022 time frame. For now I am taking on students depending on availability. Visit www.thecoinmancer.com for more info.

Q. How did you do that coin magic trick?
A. I have taken an oath as a magician to never expose magic secrets to a non magician. If you are a magician or would like to become one, contact me for lesson information.

Q. Are you available for Guitar Lessons?
A. Currently I am not taking any students for guitar lessons. Please contact me to be added to a list to be notified when available.

Any other questions or comments, please email me!