Making A Magic Close-Up Table

It started with an old frame I had laying around.
I cut off one side of the frame to serve as a opening for the table
I then glues the frame to a piece of plywood for a sturdy backing
Clamp the wood so it has a tight fit
Next I sanded the wood to get a smooth surface and natural wood look
I sanded it all until the seem was perfect without any gap, like one piece of wood.
You can see here the wood is perfectly flush and smoothed out
This is the final product before I paint it.
I painted it neon green and sanded it again to give it a weathered look
I placed the mousepad like material into the frame for a soft surface
I decided to add a little shelf to place my most commonly used magic prop.
Here is the final weathered look
Finally the close up table top is done. This table sits at an angle towards the audience to give them a better view.
Here is the finished table in use

Author: brainphreak

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